Asthma Resources


 Moving on Asthma helps young people with asthma to live independently.


 Beat asthma are working to change the lives of children and young people with asthma.


  Asthma + Lung UK  are the UK's leading lung charity. They research and campaign for lung health. They provide advice and support on asthma. 


  Monkey Wellbeing  resources promote discussion, involvement and encourage children to participate on their journey. 



 Princess Asma was designed as an adventurous alternative asthma information booklet.


 Asthmanauts was first created in 2011 with the purpose of producing a booklet for children to improve their understanding of their asthma.​​​​​​


 Allergy UK provides information about asthma and asthma triggers.



 Asthmahub for Parents of asthmatics

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