C-Card (free condoms)

If you are aged between 13 and 24 years old you can register for a C-Card.

The C-Card scheme offers free:

  • Support and advice about sexual health
  • Condoms, femidoms, lube and dams
  • Chlamydia screening
  • Pregnancy testing (selected places)

When used correctly, condoms are the only type of protection that help prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs) as well as pregnancy.


How to use a condom

What happens when you register for a C-Card?

It's simple. A trained professional will check the following with you: 

  • Your age (you have to be 13 to 24 yrs old)
  • You’re not in any danger
  • You’re not putting someone else in danger
  • What support you have from parents, carers and friends
  • You understand all of the information given to you
  • A condom demonstration
  • The products available and how to use them

Once you’ve been through the registration process you are given a C-Card with your own individual ID number.

You can take this card to lots of places around West Yorkshire to get free condoms. Look out for the C-Card symbol in the window of some pharmacies, supermarkets, youth centres and health centres.

Every 6 to 12 months (depending on your age) you may be asked to have a quick 1 to 1 chat with a worker to check that you are safe and have everything you need.


Where to register for a C-Card

Bradford and Kirklees

Get your C-Card from Locala. In Bradford call 03033309500 and in Kirklees call 03033309981.


Get your C-Card from Spectrum Health. Call 0800 1214860


Leeds Sexual Health clinics offer C-Card registration and condom pick up, by appointment. Young people can contact the service by email lcht.lshadvice@nhs.net or by calling 0113 392 0333.


Get your C-Card from the Calderdale Sexual Health Service. Email sexualhealthservices.chft@nhs.net or call 01422 261370.


Speak to YorSexualHealth on 01904 721111.

Further information

You can get a C-Card from Young Person Drop in Clinics across West Yorkshire. Visit our About Sex page for further information.