Stop smoking - protect your child's health

Why Quit?

Smoking is harmful to you and your child. Your child breathes faster than you so will breathe in more harmful chemicals from second-hand smoke. Smoke stays on your clothes, hair and in your breath for hours after your last cigarette. Even if you smoke in a different room, with the window open or outside this can affect your child’s health.

The effects of smoking on children:

  • Double the risk of cot death (sudden infant death syndrome)
  • Your child is more likely to develop asthma and have more frequent and severe asthma attacks
  • Other breathing problems e.g. bronchiolitis, chest infections and wheeze
  • Ear infections
  • More viral infections
  • Meningitis
  • They are more likely to start smoking themselves

Smoking kills 1 in 2: # Don’t be the 1

You could also save at least £2,750 a year by quitting a 20 cigarette a day habit!

How to Quit

Refer yourself to a free stop smoking service for support. They can offer face-to-face and telephone support, and access to nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) and other medicine.

Wakefield - Yorkshire SmokeFree Service

Calderdale - Yorkshire Smokefree Service

Kirklees - Kirklees Wellness Service

Bradford - Living Well

Craven - Living Well Smokefree

Leeds - One You Leeds

National Smoking Helpline:

Make a Pledge

Breathe 2025 want to see the next generation of children born and raised in a place free from tobacco, where smoking is unusual.

This guidance has been reviewed and adapted by healthcare professionals across West Yorkshire with consent from the Hampshire development groups.